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Dental Attrition Treatment Might Require a Dental Crown Restoration

Dental Attrition Treatment Might Require a Dental Crown Restoration

Oct 30, 2017

When two or more of your teeth meet at an improper angle it can cause the biting surface of one tooth to wear excessively on the surface of another. As the years go by this can gradually start to compromise the tooth enamel causing an area of dental attrition to develop.

Common symptoms of this occurring could include a noticeable change in the tooth’s texture as well as increased sensitivity. If it’s not treated in a reasonable amount of time the compromised area of tooth enamel could come to foster a cavity or increase your chances of suffering a painful dental fracture.

If you suspect one of your teeth has been compromised by dental attrition you should have the tooth examined by an experienced dentist like Dr. Wilford Samson. 

In the case of a large area of dental attrition, Dr. Samson might not be able to repair the tooth with a dental filling. In a situation like this, he might recommend a dental crown restoration to replace the entire tooth enamel layer.

If you live in the Enfield, Connecticut, area and you suspect an area of dental attrition has developed on one of your teeth, we invite you to call 860-749-2225 to have it treated by our dental specialists at Enfield Family Dental.


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