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Digital X-Rays in Enfield, CT

Digital x-rays are a very useful tool for helping dentists detect, diagnose, and treat dental issues in their patients. At ENFIELD FAMILY DENTAL, they help us find problems like abscesses and cavities. We are proud to offer this piece of dental technology at our dental office near you in ENFIELD, CT.

What are Digital X-Rays?

Also referred to as digital radiography, digital x-rays in ENFIELD, CT give your dentist a look at the condition of the areas underneath your gums. They are similar to traditional x-rays that produce images of the bones, but instead of being developed onto film, they can be sent to, viewed, and stored on a computer. This makes them faster and easier to access.

Why are Digital X-Rays Needed?

Your dentist at ENFIELD FAMILY DENTAL will usually take x-rays once a year. This is because the state of your oral health can change in between dental check-ups. During your routine exam, your dentist and hygienist will be on the lookout for issues like cavities or evidence of gingivitis in the mouth. These can be spotted fairly easily. However, there are other issues that can occur between the teeth or below the gums that the naked eye can miss. By overlooking them, you can allow them to develop and worsen into a more serious problem. Digital x-rays help your dentist catch problems such as:

  • Abscesses or cysts
  • Bone loss
  • Both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors
  • Poor tooth and root positions
  • Problems inside a tooth or below the gum line

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

While traditional x-rays have been helpful for many years and are a safe method of examining the health of the teeth and gums, digital x-rays offer several advantages. First, they emit a lower amount of radiation, making the process even safer for patients. The images taken are then more quickly and easily accessed and have the advantage of being eco-friendlier since no film is needed, and no chemicals are used. Finally, the images can be stored and shared easily, such as with dental specialists, when needed.

You can expect to have digital x-rays taken as part of your dental check-up at ENFIELD FAMILY DENTAL.

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