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Emergency Dentistry in Enfield, CT

Having a toothache at night or on the weekend is frustrating because most dental offices are closed. Thankfully, you can usually find emergency dentistry that is open for emergency dental services. However, does your toothache constitute an emergency? Find out when you should be rushing to an emergency dental clinic and when to wait until Monday to make an appointment.

Is Your Jaw Swollen?

Sometimes when you have an infection in a tooth or its root, it may be accompanied by a swollen jaw, a bad taste in your mouth, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. If you have these symptoms, then you need to head for the nearest emergency dental clinic right away. It could be the sign of a saliva gland infection, which is not allowing the saliva to do its job washing away bacteria.

However, if you’re having trouble breathing and can’t draw a breath, go to an emergency room to get your breathing under control first. At least they can diagnose the problem, get you breathing again, and provide you with a prescription for antibiotics for the infection until you can see one of our dentists at ENFIELD FAMILY DENTAL.

Do You Have Loose Teeth?

Unless you’re a child whose primary teeth are falling out to make way for your permanent ones, you should never have loose teeth. If you’ve been in an accident or were playing sports and your teeth were knocked loose, then you need to see a Emergency dentist to have it checked out.

Whether teeth are loose due to an accident, gum disease, or teeth grinding, our dentist near you in ENFIELD, CT can save them.

Are You Bleeding?

Whenever you suddenly see blood, it is almost an emergency. If you are brushing your teeth and your gums start to bleed, then you should find an Emergency dentist near you and make an appointment.

Bleeding gums is a symptom of gum disease, but it may not be considered an emergency.

However, this symptom shouldn’t be ignored, and you need to see one of our dentists at ENFIELD FAMILY DENTAL as soon as you can.

Assess the pain you’re feeling, look for signs of infection, or how the problem is affecting your health before seeking emergency dentistry near you in ENFIELD, CT. However, don’t hesitate to get an acute teeth issue treated right away.

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