FastBraces in Enfield, CT

The field of orthodontics has made many advancements, including teeth-straightening methods that differ from traditional metal braces. FastBraces in Enfield, CT, is a quick and simple orthodontic treatment. Our dentist near you is committed to your overall oral health, including procedures to safely and effectively straighten your teeth. If you would like a consultation for FastBraces with Dr. Wilford Samson, visit Enfield Family Dental.

What Is FastBraces?

FastBraces is a patented teeth-straightening system designed to move the roots of teeth with easy and light force. This is achieved with fewer wires and adjustments compared to traditional braces. FastBraces features a system of brackets that are considered low-profile due to their small size and unique design. Attached to these brackets are “light force” flexible wires. The FastBraces system results in root movement for quick and safe effectiveness.

Who Benefits from FastBraces?

Both children and adults benefit from FastBraces with our dentist in Enfield, CT. This is primarily due to the shortened length of time that patients wear these braces in addition to the effective results. FastBraces are less conspicuous and time-consuming than conventional metal braces. Yet, they are also not dependent on the patient’s responsibility in properly wearing and caring for plastic aligners such as those featured in the Invisalign teeth straightening system.

FastBraces also benefit patients in that the process is short from start to finish, meaning the oral hygiene problems associated with metal braces are less present with this method. There is less time for the build-up of plaque and tartar around the brackets and wires. This results in a lower risk for patients in developing tooth decay, cavities, periodontal problems, and other oral health issues.

Dr. Wilford Samson charges less for FastBraces – treatment starts at only $4000 for full treatment, depending on the severity of your case.

Are you interested in a quick and easy method for straightening your teeth? Our dental care team has solutions for your orthodontic treatment. At Enfield Family Dental, your oral health and well-being are our priority, including the alignment of your teeth. Contact Dr. Wilford Samson and our professional staff about FastBraces near you.

We look forward to providing you with straight teeth and a healthy-looking smile!

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