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Why Partial Dentures Are Still a Good Choice

Why Partial Dentures Are Still a Good Choice

Jan 01, 2022

Do you have a tight-lipped smile because of missing teeth? If so, it is time that you get dentures and partials in Enfield, CT. Having missing teeth is not only bad for your dental aesthetics but also your oral health. This is because you will have to contend with difficulty chewing, shifty teeth, problems with digestion, etc.

Dentures and partials in Enfield, CT, have been used for many years to replace missing teeth. This is why you cannot live with missing teeth in this day and age since dentures have evolved and are more lifelike than ever before.

Understanding Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are made up of two parts, artificial teeth, and gums. The artificial teeth are attached to the gum-colored material.

Our dentist will customize your removable partial dentures so that they can be snug and comfortable. Dentures that fit perfectly will stay intact and not shift now and then as you talk or even cough.

In most cases, partial dentures are removable, which makes them easier to clean. You can easily slip them on at your convenience.

For so many years, the fake teeth were made from plastic and porcelain. But today, they are made from high-quality resin. However, don’t expect them to be as sturdy as your natural teeth. Therefore, you can expect to replace them some years to come.

The gum-colored material is also made from hard resin. But other companies make artificial gums from a flexible polymer. This polymer is also an excellent material because it makes the partial denture fit properly over your gums.

How Do They Work?

Upper and lower dentures are designed in a way that they function and look like your natural teeth. Then, the fake teeth are attached to a metal or plastic framework, enabling them to fit precisely over where the missing teeth were located.

They are the perfect choice if you need to replace more than a tooth in either the lower or upper jaw. Partial dentures prevent the rest of the teeth from shifting into the missing tooth’s space because they use them for anchorage.

Some dentures are made from acrylic and then attached to a metal framework that has wire clasps. The wire clasps are designed to make the denture link to your natural teeth.

Types of Partial Dentures

You have the option of choosing removable or fixed dentures. The type you choose will depend on your budget, oral health, and the number of missing teeth. Without further ado, let’s look at the types of dentures:

Removable Partial Dentures

The name says it all! You have the option of removing and wearing these dentures at your convenience. They are further divided into three categories:

  • Cast Metal Partial Denture

Most people who wear removable dentures have cast metal partial dentures. It has a metal framework attached to the gum-colored base. It is made from several types of metals and is very stable. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a long-term solution.

  • Acrylic Partial Denture

This is more of a temporary solution. It has plastic artificial teeth, a removable acrylic base, and optional metal clasps. They are very comfortable but are not as effective as the rest.

  • Flexible Partial Denture

These dentures are made from flexible plastic. They blend perfectly with your gums and teeth, so they have the best aesthetic results. This is an outstanding option if you are allergic to acrylic.

Fixed Partial Dentures

You might have heard this option is referred to as fixed bridges. They are mostly fixed over a dental implant that is surgically inserted into your jawbone. These are also divided into three categories:

  • The traditional bridge is made of one fake tooth and two crowns attached to it, one on either side
  • A cantilever bridge is similar to the conventional or traditional bridge; however, it has one crown attached to a false tooth
  • Maryland bridge which has “wings” or a metal framework that holds the fake tooth in place

Why Choose Partial Dentures?

Even today, partial dentures are still considered excellent tooth replacements. Here is why:

  • They are a cost-effective treatment and less invasive solution
  • They will restore the dental aesthetics and function of your teeth
  • They will maintain the underlying facial structure of your mouth, such as gums and jawbones active and healthy
  • They prevent the other teeth from shifting
  • They are a viable option for people who still have their natural teeth

If you desire to get partial dentures for front or back teeth, contact us at Enfield Family Dental to schedule an appointment.

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