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Wisdom Teeth: Should You Keep Them?

Wisdom Teeth: Should You Keep Them?

Dec 07, 2017

What do you know about wisdom teeth, and if you have any, should you keep them? It depends. If you have them and they are not causing trouble, then dentists generally let them be. However, not all wisdom teeth are dormant. Once they start trying to come through, they can cause problems.

Also known as your third molars, wisdom teeth often require removal when there isn’t sufficient room for them to erupt without problems. Often coming in during the late teen or young adult years, these teeth are the last to come in during the smile’s development. If the dental arch cannot accommodate them without having issues, removal may be the best option.

What can cause problems with your wisdom teeth’s arrival? If their emergence is dominated by the angle they are leaning which can interfere with neighboring teeth or they are being blocked (impacted) by those teeth, they likely need to be removed. Also, when this happens, and they can’t emerge, the surrounding tissue may become inflamed, infected, or may potentially damage nearby teeth.

To remove a wisdom tooth our dentist at Enfield Family Dental will do the following:

1-  An incision will be carefully made over the molar to allow access to the tooth.

2- If the molar is blocked by bone material over it, it will be removed to allow extraction.

3- Using a dental instrument, the tooth will be rocked back and forth carefully to loosen it from bone and ligaments.

4- If the tooth is too big, it may be cut into smaller pieces to allow easier extraction.

5- Stitches may be applied to complete the procedure.

If you have questions about wisdom teeth in your mouth, we are happy to help you receive the care you need in the most comfortable way possible. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Wilford Samson in Enfield, Connecticut, by calling 860-749-2225 today.

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